What's Included?

  • Shimano Fishing Rods and Reels
  • All Tackle, Bait and Ice
  • Water
  • Fish Cleaning After Trip

What to Bring?

  • Fishing Lisence
  • Cooler to Put Fish Filets Into After Trip
  • Beverages
  • Food
  • Sunscreen

Fishing Trips Available

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6 Hour Red Snapper    $1,500


Offshore Fishing out of Port Mansfield, Texas,  On our 6 Hour Red Snapper Fishing Trips we will fish for limits of red snapper (4 per person).  Catch limit of Texas Red Snapper and then fish for kingfish and ling.  This is the perfect offshore fishing trip to fill the freezer and we will be offshore fishing between 10-20 miles from the jetties so its a quick ride to get the the fishing grounds.  

8 hour Red Snapper Trips $1800

7:00am - 3:00pm Offshore Fishing trip out of Port MAnsfield.  On our 8 hour red nsapper trips we Fish for limits of Red Snapper (4 per person) then fish for kingfish and ling.  The 8 hour red snapper trip allows more time to catch kingfish and ling after we get our limits of Red Snapper Fishing.

11 Hour Trolling Trips     $2,500

6:30am - 5:30pm  Offshore fishing trip out of port Mansfield.  We will troll all day between 30-60 miles offshore  for Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Tuna, Kingfish, Sailfish and Marlin.  Come offshore fishing aboard the Reel Obsession to come catch a true trophy fish and have fishing memories that will last a lifetime.   Can add snapper at the end of the trip for $200.

9 Hour Trolling Trips  $2200

6:30-3:30  Offshore Trolling trip out of Port Mansfield, Texas.  The shorter offshore trolling trip we target  Tuna, MAhi Mahi, kingfish, wahoo, marlin, and sailfish.  This trip gives you a chance to catch some big fish without being on the water all day.   We will be offshore fishing between 30-45 miles offshore depending where the fish are.    Port Mansfield has some of the best trolling for pelagic fish that Texas has to offer.  

10 Hour Tuna Trips  $2,500

6:30am -5:30pm  Offshore tuna fishing Trip out of Port Mansfield, Texas.  On this offshore fishing trip we Fish behind Shrimp boats with the main target being Blackfin Tuna, but can also catch mahi, wahoo, kingfish, sharks, yellowfin tuna, and sailfish.  We chum the tuna up to the boat and tossbaits at them so it is an exciting fishing to say the least.  We specialize in Tuna fishing behind shri,mp boats and run these fishing trips from July, 22 unil the fish leave which usually happens in November 

14 Hour Bill Fishing Trips   $3,000

4:00am - 6:00pm    Offhsore Billfishing trips out of Port MAnsfield, Texas.  Billfishing Trips we will trolling the shelf between 50-70 miles offshore trolling with our main targets being Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Sailfish, but will also catch MAhi MAhi.  WAhoo, and tuna while fishing for the marlin ans sailfish.  Port MAnsfield has some of the best Billfishing on the Texas gulf coast.  Come offshore with Reel Obsession Sport Fishing and lets knock that billfish off of your bucket list.

12 Hour Swordfish Trip      $3,000 

7:00am - 7:00pm  Offshore Swordfishing Trips out of Port Mansfield Texas.  On daytime Swordfishing trips we will drift over the continental shelf 55-70 miles in over 1500' of water offshore fishing for Swordfish,  Swordfish are one of the hardest fighting majestic fish in the gulf not to mention great tablefare.  Swordfish can get over 500lbs and will fight from 1-4 hours or more.  Port MAnfield has some of the best swordfishing the gulf of mexico has to offer.  Come to Port Mansfield and swordfish with Reel Obsession Sport FIshing and lets go catch a true trophy Swordfish.  Swordfish trips are up to 4 anglers as there is a lot going on once we hook up to a swordfish.    

24 Hour  Swordfish Trips   $4,500 

10:00am-10:00am  Offhsore Swordfishing trip out of Port Mansfield Texas.  This overnight swordfish trip gives you the best chance at catching a Swordfish. We will Swordfish all day and night, dfor swordfish driftfishing off the continental shelf in over 1500'.  On our overnight Swordfish trips we will be fishing 60-70 miles offshore on sea mounts and domes.  This trip also gives time to troll for Marlin, sailfish, mahi mahi, wahoo and tuna.  Come make memories and catch a trophy swordfish of a lifetime.(4 people max)

All  Offshore Trips are private for the entire boat up to 6 people(swordfish trips 4 people max).  

Custom Trips Available